Impact Coffee Oslo becomes SIX Oslo

All around the globe social innovators walk next to each other. Problem is, you can´t really tell that someone is a social innovator, even if they walk next to you. They also walk on either side of the globe working on solving similar challenges in their societies, and that´s when it gets really hard finding each other. Because where do you start searching?

And you can´t really tell that they could actually be your colleague.

This is what SIX, Social Innovation Exchange wants to help you with.

SIX is now the world’s primary network focusing on social innovation. Our vision is that people all over the world can become better innovators by more easily connecting to their peers, sharing methods and exchanging solutions globally.

We connect people as friends, who trust each other and who can be open about their challenges, as well as successes.

SIX started out globally with annual seminars where knowledge, ideas and experience is shared among social innovation collegeaugs from across the globe.

From these seminars a regional need emerged, and regional SIX networks such as SIX Australia, SIX Africa, SIX Europe, SIX Canada, SIX LatAm, SIX India, SIX Asia and SIX Nordic starting popping up.

Our next step now is to connect social innovators at a city level.

Inside the regional network SIX Nordic we will connect social innovators across cities starting with SIX Oslo, and looking forward to having other Nordic cities follow suit.

SIX works with governments, businesses, academics, funders, practitioners and leading social innovation intermediaries that support social innovation to accelerate the field of social innovation around the world.

The first step you can take to part of this global community, is to act locally and take part in SIX Oslo.

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